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Name: Amie
Age: 17
Location: Uruguay

I'll use this blog only for Ed stuff and...and all that good shit (?) c: Hope you like it. I'd also like to promote the youtube chanel that I share with a friend of mine, where we upload our music covers. Any request is welcome c: You can find our account in the link section. Bye!


I tried to blur the background on this one because I really like this picture and I wanted Ed to stand out



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Ed Sheeran → plaid shirts

Nine Days and Nights of Ed Sheeran (x)

I never worked hard when I was young, and it was very frustrating for my dad. He used to get very angry with me for not working. I never did homework, like didn’t really apply myself at all, until I found music and then, like, flew with it. I think his thing was like, “you’ll never get anything in life if you don’t work your arse off for it”.



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I posted this one the other day when I attempted to erase the watermark.  This is the actual HD version…much better :)

Ed Sheeran for Kwame Lestrade, 2010

people try to edit a photo all innocently BUT NO you are messing with my emotions right now stahp [x]